Tellimus täidetakse, kui vähemalt üks hinnapakkumiste voos olev pakkumine jõuab tellimuse tasemeni. You can choose to bet that the market will rise Buy or Go Long , or alternatively, you can bet that it will fall Sell or Go Short.

Kas tõlkida kirjeldus Google'i tõlke abil eesti keelde? This application is for you!

My best friend is join forex after complete his Master degree. He join a trading organization where he learn well then after that he convinced me to join that institution for learning about forex business.

Then I join that organization and learn there a lot about forex trading. Their are all professional traders that help every one that join it. They tell us all news about forex related every evening that help us to find the market trend and also up dated about world economy.

Trading Computer Setup

I work their only one month that I leave it and start work my self. I join roboforex forum and start work on it.

Trading Computer Setup

Its a good experience for me because i earn some good profit on it. Then I get my forum bonus that small amount only 20 dollars but I make more then 80 dollars with that small amount then I lose it because i make some mistakes after that. That is my short story about my career in forex that start with roboforex. I shared here my setup at my home where I do posts on roboforex forum and Trading Computer Setup on real roboforex account.

Trading Computer Setup

Thank you roboforex :.