Kust tuleb kogu see populaarsus? Exbino puhul näeb liides välja paljude teiste binaarsete optsioonimaakleritega identne. On selge, et kui ostisime ühe miljoni euro suuruse optsiooni, oleks kasum sobiv - numbrid on erinevad, kuid kauplemise olemus on sama. Seetõttu puudub informatsioon, et oleks sätestatud spetsialistid. Teine kauplemissüsteemi probleem on libisemine või nõudmine, mis on sisuliselt sama, kuigi see erineb veidi.

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This is a common format for an uptrend! Remember these numbers do not need! When a trend appears to decrease or increase the even or odd 2 digits of the next number, the odd or even is followed by the bet. About even - odd - even - odd also similar to part 2.

But judging by the trend of increasing or decreasing even-odd pairs. This is an exception to the algorithm. But there is a logic.


The difference in this part is very easy to confuse with part 1. As I understand it, this algorithm compares up and down in amplitude 1 The number of digits even or odd, but different colors. For example: 7 2 3 8: here we see a downtrend. We analyze 7 3 - this is a trend towards a decrease in the number of retail. Thus, this is a strong bearish trend 7 3 8 strong downtrend bid DOWN!

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In difference, the method is 1 unit. You need to understand the main trend in the betting chain.

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Concept about the movement of a trend. The trend consists of the chosen number of "Z". It is necessary to be able will determine by what numbers to rise or fall the schedule worm.

If in a red format the trend falls on even numbers, means in a red format on odd numbers it will rise! Now we pass to a Naited mitmekesistamise strateegia Indias format.

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We see that in a blue format the schedule worm podymatsya on odd numbers, means on even numbers it will fall. We have to be able to see breakdowns on lines of resistance.

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At breakdowns it is necessary to work on regularity watch strategy of xxxxx. If in a blue format go blue 3 - 5 - is 7 a trend grows!!!

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If in a blue format there are blue figures 7 - 5 - 3 is a trend falls!!! Also we will take a red format: if in a red format there are red figures 2 - 4 - 6 - the trend falls!!!

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If in a red format there are red figures 6 - 4 Gold Binary valik strateegia 2 - the Gold Binary valik strateegia grows!!! It is clear!? I advise to record for myself the video!

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Look through and analyze and find the mistakes! Only this way you will learn to understand my strategy!!!

Apply algorithm

I imparted to you all the knowledge! Now everything depends on you and on your practice!!! Think itself and practice The rate means UP!!!

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And on a difference of numbers among themselves, we make the transaction!!! IT: We work purely on a trend, it when we see that the trend grows or falls accuratelyfor example on even or odd figures.

We work on exceptions when it is punched the top or lower levels. We do the analysis between even and odd figures! Drops out even and odd or odd and even is a start the beginning of the analysis Then we observe as the trend podymatsya or falls!

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