Luksemburg, Kas valitsusel siin Eesti rahwa nõõ rimise wastu võimalik on sammusid astuda või mitte, seda ma ei teo, kuulda»n aga, et lätlastel fte võimalik olevat, kuna neil otsusele otnvat jõutud abinõusid otsida ja tarvitusele võlla, et rahva iöõ ja vaev mitte ilma tasuta Üle piir? Algne rühmpakkus välja kolm erinevat meetodit globaalsete linnade vaheliste suhete mõõtmiseks.

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We have been anticipating these events, especially quantitative easing, for quite a while now. Everyone is aware that the market has been looking forward to gridlock in Washington and the printing of more dollars by the Fed. The bears say the news is so well anticipated that we are likely to see a "sell the news" reaction.

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They are convinced we have already priced in all the positives and we just can't run much more. The bulls say too many people are overconfident about a "sell the news" event and it is foolish to fight the momentum -- especially with the positive new flow.

If it was just anticipation about the news events this week that has been holding the market up, then a "sell the news" reaction would be very likely.

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However, we have had some consistently good earnings report as well, and this morning a strong PMI report out of China is helping the mood. The dollar remains under pressure, helping to keep a bid under this market.

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The dip-buyers are not backing off, and there is good underlying support -- the bulls definitely have the edge going into the news. Despite the positives, it can be very tempting to keep looking for a top in this market.

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We have been running up for two months now, and obviously unemployment, the real estate market, mortgage issues and economic growth are still major problems. For some reason, earnings reports don't seem to reflect the great economic angst on Main Street, but there is no doubt that there remain some very significant issues out there.

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You have to wonder if the market can ignore those problems for much longer. Main Street and Wall Street have been disconnected for a very long time; at some point that is likely to be a problem. But let's put aside the big picture for now and ponder the short term.

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How do we position ourselves for all the news that is due this week? We'll have the election results on Wednesday morning and the Fed's decision at p. EDT the same day.

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Monday and Tuesday are just going to be the buildup to those events, and the more we run up, the greater the danger will be when the news hits on Wednesday. I plan to do some selling into strength prior to Wednesday and to cut back positions.

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I expect some whipsaws, up and down, as the market digests the election and the Fed actions. I believe we will have plenty of trading opportunities as we react to the news, so I don't feel that compelled to be loaded WL Day kauplemise susteem on Tuesday night.

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The WL Day kauplemise susteem loves to focus on the big market prediction when we have news events, but traders really don't have to be fortune tellers. We can do very well trading the volatility that comes after these news events rather than betting on them in advance. Keep that in mind as you position yourself over the next two days.

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We have the typical Monday-morning gap-up again. This time it comes due to a better-than-expected PMI report out of China.

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Metals and mining stocks are the biggest beneficiaries of strong Chinese demand, and that is driving up European markets as well. Mondays have had a tendency to stay strong following a gap-up open, and with plenty of optimism about the events on Wednesday, I'm not expecting the bears to be able to do much.

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The trend has slowed lately but it is still up -- there is Kauplemisnaitajad ei toota good reason yet to fight it.