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Making prospectus public 1 Unless otherwise provided for in § 17 of this Act, a prospectus pertaining to the public offer of Trading System Hosting in Estonia, which complies with the requirements of this Act shall be made public in connection with the public offer.

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Each document shall contain a notation where other documents forming the remaining part of the prospectus can be examined.

In such case, the securities note shall contain the significant events and circumstances which usually must be presented in the registration documents, which may affect the assessments of investors and which occur after the registration of the registration document or a supplement to a prospectus in accordance with § 23 of this Act with the Supervision Authority or the securities market supervisory agency of the home Contracting State of the issuer.

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Obligation to register or give notification 1 If the home Trading System Hosting State of the issuer of securities which are publicly offered is Estonia, a prospectus or, in the case provided for in subsection 15 5 of this section, a securities note or a summary shall be registered with the Supervision Authority prior to being made public and the offer being announced. Exceptions 1 A prospectus need not be made public if the public offer of securities meets at least one of the following criteria: 1 the issuer of the non-equity securities offered is a Contracting Trading System Hosting, the central bank or a regional or local government of a Contracting State, the European Central Bank or an international organisation in which at least one Contracting State is a member; [RT I, In the absence of the decision specified in the first sentence of this subsection, the Supervision Authority shall submit a request to the European Commission for the adoption of the equivalence decision in respect to the market of the third country, indicating in the request the reasons why the legal order and organisation of supervision of the third country can be considered equivalent.

In such case, final information on the offer price and amount of securities which will be offered to the public shall be filed as soon as possible to the Supervision Authority or the securities market supervisory agency of Solar Stone Systems home Contracting State of the issuer and shall be made public immediately pursuant to the requirements provided for in § 15 of this Act.

Application for registration 1 In order to register a prospectus with the Supervision authority, an application shall be submitted.

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If the home Contracting State of the issuer of offered securities is not Estonia, an application for the registration of a prospectus may be submitted to the Supervision Authority by the securities market supervisory agency of another Contracting State. Transfer of registration 1 If necessary and with the agreement of the securities market supervisory agency of another Contracting State, the Supervision Authority may decide to transfer the registration or approval of a prospectus to the such agency, upon prior notification thereof of the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Registration of prospectus 1 The Supervision Authority shall make a decision concerning registration of or refusal to register a prospectus within ten working days as of the submission of the application for registration or the submission of documents brought into compliance Trading System Hosting the legislation or additional documents to the Supervision Authority or as of the receipt of documents communicated to the Supervision Authority by the securities market supervisory agency of another Contracting State upon transfer of the registration of the prospectus.

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