It is important to establish causation because all health symptoms that present themselves after vaccination might not have to do with the vaccination but might just be concurrent and coincidental. Lõuna korea Mis mõtet on siin?

Will the vaccine save me if I am already sick and in a serious condition? After that the course of vaccination should be considered completed. Even if more than 6 months have passed since recovery, only one dose of the vaccine should be administered in order to ensure long-term protection.

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People who have recovered do not need to be administered a second dose, also because the reactogenicity of the vaccine might be higher in that case and there might be more side effects. People who get COVID after receiving the first dose Trading School Variants the vaccine will not be administered the second dose and are considered vaccinated for the following six months.

What would the critical mass of vaccinated people have to be for Trading School Variants infection rate in the country to drop to about 10 people per ,? Herd immunity is usually calculated based on the infection multiplier R how many people will one sick person infect. If R is low, the percentage of vaccinated persons can be low as well.

If more severe strains that infect faster the British strain or can infect vaccinated people as well the Brazilian strain occur, the critical mass of vaccinated people should also be larger.

As children will not be getting vaccinated in the near future, the main onus for reaching herd immunity will fall on responsible adults. Why should I let myself Parim vahendus binaarne variant vaccinated? All the vaccines available in Estonia are very Trading School Variants in preventing the severe form of the disease. Even if some of the vaccinated Trading School Variants do get sick, they go through the disease without ending up in a hospital.

The progression of the COVID disease is unpredictable and differs from patient to patient -- because of comorbidities or high age, the disease can progress very severely. The possible longterm effects of suffering through the COVID disease are currently also not known.

According to the data available by now and based on our previous knowledge, we can presume that the COVID vaccines also protect relatively well from the transmission of the virus -- exactly how well and effectively will become clear over time as the studies are ongoing.

By getting vaccinated we are also protecting those who cannot protect themselves. There are people among us who cannot get vaccinated because of their health conditions. What is the effectiveness of the vaccines used in Estonia? One of the most important goals of the COVID vaccines is to avoid severe requiring hospitalisation and mortal forms of the disease. All vaccines in use fulfil this goal very effectively, all vaccines offer a practically hundred percent protection from severe forms of the disease.

What does it mean that I have to get vaccinated twice? Does the first dose already have some kind of a benefit? Most of the vaccines we have received thus far require two doses. Even though a certain immune protection occurs even after the first dose, it is not strong enough, which is why it is important to get both shots if the vaccine requires a two-dose course. How long will the immunity provided by the vaccination last?

Based on the available data, the experts are on the position that the post-vaccination immunity will last at least 6 months.

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The studies are ongoing, however, and more data is coming in which is letting us believe that the actual immunity will last longer. There is currently not enough data about the necessity of repeat vaccinations, the studies on that are ongoing for well. Do the vaccines contain unknown ingredients, mercury, microchips, or other suspicious or toxic substances? Those vaccines that are being processed and reviewed by the European Medicines Agency for receiving a marketing authorisation do not contain mercury particles or other unknown compounds.

Finding microchips or other such things in vaccines belongs to the sphere of conspiracy theories. All medicines that receive a marketing authorisation in the European Union are checked, safe, of high quality and effective.

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All ingredients of the vaccine are listed on the information sheet of the vaccine. The joint European Union vaccine portfolio contains the vaccines and vaccine candidates of 8 vaccine manufacturers. Estonia has the possibility of joining the Sanofi advance purchase agreements later. Additionally, the negotiations are ongoing between the European Commission and the vaccine manufacturer Novavax. At the request of several member states, the negotiations have also been started with the vaccine manufacturer Valneva.

With these vaccines, the genetic material of the pathogen is delivered into the organism in the form of either DNA or RNA, and based on the information contained in it, the organism itself will synthesize the part of the Trading School Variants necessary for the creation of immunity, i.

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As a rule, this is some protein of the pathogen, in the case of the coronavirus the spike protein on its surface. One way of describing the situation would be that if an organism needs food daily, in the case of one vaccine Trading School Variants ready meal is delivered, in the case of another the organism is delivered a recipe and the organism itself is capable of preparing the food with the help of the recipe. Compared to a protein, the mRNA is a simpler molecule and thus the production of mRNA is generally faster than the production of vaccines that have been in use up until now.

The idea of vaccines based on mRNA is actually already decades old and this type of vaccines have been tested in clinical studies for different infectious diseases. For different reasons, none of them have been taken into use on humans thus far. There is reason to hope that technological development will allow it now.

Viruses mutating is a regular process. CME Bitcoin futuuride maht mutations do not lead to reduced efficacy of the developed vaccines but the genetic changes in virus strains are still followed closely in order to evaluate their effect on the vaccines that have been or are being Trading School Variants.

The objective of the vaccines is to imitate the virus. With the help of the vaccine, the immune system learns to recognize the spike proteins of the virus and fight against the virus more effectively.

What we can say with full certainty, however, is that the danger of getting severe side effects from the vaccine is hundreds, if not thousands, of times smaller than contracting the coronavirus and suffering through it severely. The side effects of the vaccines are temporary and no long-term side effects have been established up until now.

COVID, however, causes long-term damage often. Thus using new vaccines is a calculated risk Nadalavahetuse voimalused clearly favours the vaccines. As several different vaccines are being developed and coming to the market, their characteristics are certain to somewhat differ from each other.

Whether a vaccine is suitable or unsuitable for somebody is noted on the information sheet of the vaccine. Who should be vaccinated and how is best known to the medical worker who Trading School Variants out the vaccination. If a person's health condition changes after the vaccination or any other new problems occur, he should contact his family doctor who will evaluate whether the reaction might be due to the vaccine, some other disease, or a new disease not related to the vaccine.

The new problem might require treatment, regardless of the reasons why it appeared.

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The occurred reactions are treated the best way possible, whether they are connected to the vaccination or not. If a medical worker thinks that the reaction is not connected to the vaccine but the patient thinks it is, the patient can notify the State Agency of Medicines of the possible side effect himself.

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The State Agency of Medicines evaluates the possible side effects described in the notification for seriousness and causal link, and Naide toote mitmekesistamise strateegiast whether this is a known or a previously unknown side effect. The State Agency of Medicines publishes the information in Estonian about the notifications they have received about side effects once a week, on Mondays.

What is the liability of the manufacturer and Estonia if it turns out that the vaccine causes me a health damage that the manufacturer should have foreseen? The liability for vaccines, including the COVID vaccine is distributed similarly to other medicines.

The vaccinator is liable if the vaccinator has breached its obligations in carrying out the vaccination. The holder of Trading School Variants marketing authorisation is liable in the case of a quality defect due to manufacturing, i. The Trading School Variants for applying liability is causation between the damages incurred and the vaccine or the vaccination.

It is important to establish causation because all health symptoms that present themselves after vaccination might not have to do with the vaccination but might just be concurrent and coincidental. In Estonia, the notifications about Trading School Variants side effects are collected and evaluated by the State Agency of Medicines.

The symptoms that have occurred are treated the best way possible regardless of whether or not they are connected to the vaccine or vaccination. The patient insurance system through which it would be possible to demand compensation for avoidable damages that occurred as a result of the provision of Trading School Variants healthcare service is still being developed in Estonia.

The state also has no plans to create a separate system for compensating damages due to vaccines or vaccination. Every person has the right to turn to the courts to protect their interests or demand compensation for damages incurred.

Currently it is also possible to turn to the expert committee on the quality of healthcare services for an expert opinion on whether good clinical practices or the relevant instructions were followed in the course of providing the healthcare service Logi sissekanded aktsiaoptsioonide registreerimiseks caused the damages. There is an assertion going around that the vaccines leave pathogens in the body that will keep damaging the organism.

Does this possibility exist? This is a malicious rumour, as vaccines do not leave pathogens in the body. The new types of vaccines based on mRNA and viral vector do not contain a pathogen, only the information in Trading School Variants form of DNA or mRNA that is necessary for producing an antigen on the surface of the virus. In the vaccine, the DNA has been packed inside some other virus usually an adenovirus but these are viruses that have been rendered incapable of reproducing.

It is important to know that neither the mRNA nor the DNA that has been packed into the adenovirus vector integrate into our genome. Some viruses are capable to doing this but adenoviruses do not plug their DNA into the genome of our cells. Has the vaccine been studied for its effects on pregnancy? Does it affect a woman's fertility? There is no basis for the stories related to fertility. To the contrary -- one of the conditions for being admitted to the clinical studies of the coronavirus vaccines was that the subject was not planning to get pregnant during the study, even though there have been Trading School Variants a few pregnancies as well.

Why and when do the side effects of vaccines occur? Vaccines are one of the most thoroughly researched medicines when it comes to both safety and effectiveness but, as is the case with all medicines, the COVID vaccines might also have side effects. Not all people, however, experience the side effects.

If the side effects occur, they might be disturbing and cause temporary inconvenience but they are mostly mild and self-healing.

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The more common side effects occur as symptoms of the immune system activating, e. More serious side effects are very rare. Allergic hypersensitivity reactions are considered to be severe side effects that occur very Binaarsed valikud on see vabandus. The vaccine administrator is always prepared for that eventuality with first aid kits.

An allergic Paevase kaubandusstrateegiad Filipiinid anaphylactic reaction generally occurs within a short period of time after vaccination.

That is why it is necessary to remain under the observation of a health care worker for at least another 15 minutes after Trading School Variants the vaccine shot. All known side effects that can be connected to the vaccine are written down on the information sheet of the vaccine packaging. It should be taken into account that, as a reaction of the immune system to the vaccine, and depending on the vaccine either after the first or the second Trading School Variants, the COVID vaccines might cause general symptoms and reaction at Trading School Variants injection site which show that the vaccine is working, but not everyone gets these reactions and that does not mean that the vaccine is not working on them.

Work during the emergency situation If my colleague tested positive for the coronavirus, what should I do? People who have been in close contact with an infected person must stay at home in self-isolation for 10 days and monitor their health.

The rest of the employees may return to work after the premises have been cleaned and disinfected. People Atlanta Bold Trading voimalused have been in close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus can contact their family doctor to apply for the certificate of incapacity Trading School Variants work for the duration of the self-isolation.

The Health Board recommends that a close contact do a test after the end of the 10 calendar day quarantine period, in order to discover a possible case of asymptomatic coronavirus. What are the recommendations for employers regarding employees who have come into contact with infected persons? After coming into close contact with an infected person, the employees have to stay at home for 10 days and monitor their health status.

If there are any health concerns, the family doctor should be contacted. At the doctor's discretion, it is possible to also receive a certificate for sick leave.

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Is the employer allowed to close the break room? The employer has to evaluate who big the infection risk is in the company and for people performing different tasks. The main measures for reducing the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus are keeping a Trading School Variants, wearing masks, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces if necessary, ensuring the possibility to wash hands, and ensuring disinfecting opporunities is places where hands cannot be washed.

However, in order to ensure safety, the use of recreational spaces needs to be reorganised. It should be analysed how many people fits into the dining space in a way that keeping a distance is possible. It should also be established who disinfects surfaces.

In a place where people remove their masks, there must be a possibility to wash and dry or disinfect hands, and also a trash can with a foot-operated lid for disposing of the used mask.