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Marshall, T. Ohki, D. McInnis, Z. Ninkov, and J. Carbone, who detail the conversion of the OMEGA time-integrated x-ray diagnostics to electronic readout using direct-detection x-ray cameras [charge-injection devices CID's ]. Pinhole Systemair Trading LLC. x-ray microscope images are shown along with inferred calibration measurements of the CID cameras.

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Currently, the same cameras are being used to obtain x-ray spectra in a TIM-based spectrometer, extending their use to all time-integrated imaging and spectroscopic x-ray instruments used on OMEGA. Additional highlights of the research presented in this issue are: 1 V. Smalyuk, B. Yaakobi, F. Marshall, and D. Meyerhofer investigate the spatial structure of the temperature and density of target-shell plasmas at peak compression stagnation.

This is accomplished by examining the energy dependence of the x-ray emission using narrow-band x-ray filters and the known absorption properties of the shell dopant Ti. Sequin, C. Ll, D. Hicks, J. Frenje, K. Green, R. Petrasso, J. Soures, V. Glebov, C. Stoeckl, P. Radha, D. Meyerhofer, S. Roberts, C. Sorce, T. Sangster, M. Cable, S.

Padalino, and K. Through a novel extension of existing charged-particle detection Systemair Trading LLC. with track detectors, the authors demonstrate the ability to obtain secondary proton spectra with increased sensitivity.

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