Step 3: A hedge fund becomes insolvent. Account Options Logi sisse. Kõik investeeringud on seotud riskiga, sealhulgas põhiosa võimaliku kaotusega.

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  • Clients burn out quite quickly as well.

Lenzer toxic Step 0: Citadel pays Robinhood for order flow. Citadel gets to see RH's orders a few milliseconds before they're filled. Citadel may choose to front-run some of those trades. This is happening in the open. The bear hedge funds and such will still have to buy to cover, which may cause a bit of a liquidity crisis for the funds.

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It's a compelling message, and a decent secondary reason for this. The primary reason to manipulate markets remains profit, though.

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Step 2: HFTs buy shares ahead of Robinhood users. Remember Citadel, the firm who can front-run Robinhood Options Trade Commission trades, and got to see all of that RH data a little early because they paid for flow?

Robinhood Options Trade Commission

Step 3: A hedge fund becomes insolvent. Today it was Melvin Capital Management.


It very likely won't be the last. Step 4: Who's the lead investor, picking up part of a usually successful fund at fire-sale prices?

Citadel, probably with some of the cash they made by repeatedly profiting in the milliseconds before filling the trades that collapsed this fund.

Robinhood Options Trade Commission

They might even be able to accelerate the squeeze. So, the next time you discount the impact of "4chan with a bloomberg terminal", remember that they are not the only ones who stand to benefit from intentionally screwing exposed short-sellers.

The professionals are all too happy to amplify the efforts of the amateurs for profit.

Robinhood Options Trade Commission

Because if amateurs manipulate the market, uh, truthfully, then nobody loses their license. Join us, but do your own due diligence.

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Martha Stewart did time for less. But Citadel, by paying for order flow and sitting in the middle, gets to legally ride-along, printing money the whole way.

Robinhood Options Trade Commission

So, when you ask yourself, "who pays for no-commission trades, and why? It's vampires all the way down.

Robinhood Options Trade Commission