Kui töövaidlus juba üleval, siis peaks kiirelt hea juristi otsima. Debt market in India is one of the largest in Asia.

Advantages of investing in government securities Debt market is where investors buy and sell debt securities, mostly in the form of bonds. Debt market in India is one of the largest in Asia.

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Like all other countries, Indian debt market is also considered a useful substitute to banking channels for finance. The debt market in India consists of mainly two categories — the government securities or the G-Sec markets comprising central government and state government securities, and Online Trading System PPT corporate bond market. In order to finance its fiscal deficit, the government floats fixed income instruments and borrows money by issuing G-Secs that are sovereign securities issued by the Reserve Bank of India RBI on behalf of the Government of India.

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Issuing a bond increase the debt burden of the bond issuer because contractual interest payments must be paid to the bondholders. In debt market, bondholders do not gain ownership in the business or have any claims to the future profits of the borrower.

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Bonds are considered to be less risky investments for at least two reasons. First, bond market returns are less volatile than stock market returns. Second, should the company run into trouble, bondholders are paid first, before other expenses are paid.

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