I actually don't know what uh what country makes this stuff you can find on Facebook. Speaking of flying things we've got ourselves a dolphin. I'm glad you know what a oh yeah. The riveting details that make things look more mechanical, which is quite nice. Real kinda looks cool right in there. I'm sorry but yeah, we do have a we do have a few.

OMA formation involves floc break and aggregation by differential settling. This study examined the formation time and the concentration of OMA in a typical turbulent estuarine environment and determined the effect of sediment size and concentration on OMA formation.

It also verified if OMA forms in cold brackish water considering 2 types of oils which are commonly transported along the St. Lawrence estuary to Quebec City. OMA formation was validated with Heidrun and IF30 crude oils and 2 types of engineered sediments to determine the best sediment to form OMA and to determine the minimum sediment concentration needed to maximize OMA formation.

The minimum agitation time to reach this maximizing condition of OMA formation was also determined. She's got the I want to challenge you Hama Trading System Jared one wants to challenge everyone wants to challenge 1 day off clearing the Beck William Clutch was a challenge. A case of the case, you know what you can tell it as many times as you want your name is only gonna go in once you know Scott Clear wants a challenge to change forward.

What's the challenge? I feel so it's a challenge everyone wants anyway on the topic of Tres. Let's Hama Trading System a look at this over here. This is a very special kit now. I'm not gonna try and pronounce this because again it's a it's a yeah. Yes, it's it's not. It's not the word though, but it's technically the uh the code for it.

So this is the military code K. This is oh my god. My dad wants a challenge. Oh god your dad wants a challenge. Yes wants a challenge. I'm a challenge. Oh god Mark Everyone wants a challenge. Alright guys. On it has a number on it telling you that's out of I don't know what that means because I've never seen this before, but I know in a limited run means and it means getting quick. There's one here and there's only in Hama Trading System world. It's also no worries.

Thank you for jumping into our store. Oh yes, we definitely have to open this up. We can alright let's have. Little squeeze let's open them all up, so this is a tread. It's a one-to-one scale tread holy Moly. I don't know what this is That is a resin figure that comes with a booty.

We got some booty. It's basically tifa and a German military outfit is pixel dressed as that go. No, he could have that this is discount Rambo. What the heck man I'm feeling insulted anyway. So what we got is some tread TI. One single piece of a tray, yes, a singular tank if you had of these actually, it shows it shows cuz it has the bar if you buy multiples of these, you can make a tank tre. Yes, it is anyone gonna find anymore of these. You know what it's a challenge I wanna challenge everyone wants a challenge if you're feeling challenged, maybe you can find every other trend and make yourself an army saying, and yeah.

Really, the thing you wanna get is this figure you get think of it is like you're buying a wonderful resin figure and Nutikas kaupleja susteem very nice. Thanks Scott See I should be working with Scott.

Get out of here Get out of here. Oh um he's a bed tread lightly on this challenge guys come on man, we said. We set our buns. I don't know what's happening in all these. What is this? What are these? Oh these are mascots all this. This actually it's actually funny. They make a lot of references in this artwork. I love this toy factory look at that. Bills on the pet, What is that goes on as in the tank? It's on Netflix.

Стекло - seitsmesed uudised

Check it out. You'll get the tank one that I was thinking of I was thinking of the the chicks that turn into planes. No no that's different that's strike, which is which is what the Japanese name up I strike witches. I'm pretty sure they just call it strike witches Well, it's not where I was thinking it um hello again. How are you this evening?

Have you bought me a house yet? I can't alright, you'll get one you'll get one at some point. I just want a house man. Alright IDF shut call Gmail It's been a date on it. Maybe that means that's when it was made. I don't know and it's covered and reactive armor. It's beautiful.

It is it is a spicy like a hot. We have a lot of kits by this brand, which is um RV Club. Yeah strikes and Hama Trading System not I don't know English.

We have a theme tonight which isn't our normal theme of random Spaceman kits. We've got a completely different whole new range of stock coming in. It's really exciting before we talk about it. Of course, I'm gonna and uh actually be able to hear you guys as normal.

I don't know what the Japanese name. It's what has even more detail. Oh, it's got details. Down to the fact that the camera, but like if you look at this, yeah, you really probably Cannot tell it on camera but basically there is a texture on this plating that looks more like metal.

It's not meant to be flat. It's meant to if you have, it's supposed to look like hammered. Yeah, but it's so small and detailed that you can barely pull it up on camera. We got some springs in this one. Anyway, let's put that one away this one's got like pictures of all the different other kits on the inside. That's pretty nice. Yes, Hama Trading System always good to advertise your other stuff.

I really like when I put extra effort into that box designs, you know, sometimes you throw your boxes out you guys. I don't think we have enough in them no seriously like I haven't built that many kits, but I have like so many boxes that. Just shouldn't have I should just put on my pots in one of boxes like I have boxes like this big and they're all full of like they're running.

Well, you know I get like a normal like chain kit for all the runners and then they got like two runners with like leftover parts and they're gonna just put everything back in the box and then put it in my shelving like whoa.

No, you gotta put those extra bits into another box of for pots, a box of boxes and pots, and no, you need a pots box. I don't I flatten the artwork. Is that is what you do. Oh my god, you can make a box out of the box but a smaller box out of just like the top ten and then put the pots boxes are designed to fold in Hama Trading System themselves.

I just had an epiphany. I'm gonna make an Instagram video of this okay. Alright so moving on to the next, do we just open this one. No we didn't, but I know it's hard cuz they all they all look the same. What do you call that the yeah? This is this is actually by a hobby boss Hobby, which is another brand, is it a bus and a hobby at the same time?

Well, it's the boss of the hobbies. Don't get attached to pieces of cardboard. I agree stuff and I just don't know where to put all the pieces there in the. Oh, this one's got some uh some I don't know like fabrics. What most most tanks are now used in a desert but uh squirrel the findings is realistic, You know again with the uh the detail and we might be able to see a little bit more clearer on this maybe in the light Jagage valikutehinguid ja ETF the metal effect going on now, this is definitely something that you could kick bash.

See it for yourself. But like it's really nice to just appreciate you take that I know it actually has photo well and these are metallic metal metal metal metal Photo No metal metal and everyone hated on the disrespect. I swear that is awesome anyway. I have done. I want a mortgage, give me my mortgage. Alright for the next kit look straight down.

  1. Apple Stock valikukaart
  2. Hiina ja maailma kaubandussusteem sisenedes uue aastatuhande
  3. Khelifa, A.
  4. Tallinna vesi aktsia hind männiku karjäär neato d6: kontaktor
  5. IQ Options Trade Logi sisse

Yes, that one we're not opening it, but we can take a look. Do you need help lifting it? There's a lot of hesitation. What the heck you is this? I need a better angle. This is insane what is even going on here.

It's it's a once it's a one sixteenth heavy tank. What the heck how big is this? I'm assuming it's like almost the size of the box. No no, it's a lot smaller than the box.

Mobiil id aktiveerimine tallinna lipp

It's about the size from heat. It's about as long as here to here. So it's about news. It's still huge. That's massive. Oh, but that's small, compared to others. It's like yes and and you actually it actually comes with two different types of tarts inside the box. Is it come with different detail Uh it does come with different. Decals it comes with different signage.

The only thing is we can't open it because inside this box Hama Trading System just a dozen others. What the heck, which makes it very hard to open up and show and display your Chan is hitting the puns tonight. Oh God no, I guess you can't touch this. You can't touch this music keeps me so hard makes me think. Thank you. Oh someone's asking how much it is It Binaarsed ostukohtade arvustused on stop Stop moving stop moving.

Have a large range of Hama Trading System tanks. The only thing is this is one of the larger ones because it's a heavy tank. This is huge. It is is that yes, you can put you can put it back down yes and make something oh someone's asking about guns. Real kinda looks cool right in there. Next we went to the yeah that one there. For one car nice sorry, technically, this isn't yeah.

This is technically not a railway gun, though, but it is another Trump's. It is that is something that is more flexible trends. I really like this, Yeah, it's kinda have to be flexible at that size.

Yeah that's happening there. I feel like you're gonna be careful what we got here. Four yes cuz it is known as it is also known as the four cuz these tanks all actually had names based off um.

I have a car you have a hat. Carl Thanks to kill people. I'm so sorry it's okay. I'm sorry but yeah, we do have a we do have a few. I think we only have two of these and it's So what do we got here?

Parim binaarse variantide signaal tasuta

We got some these are technically military kits. Not English, says history in miniature theories that doesn't help me at all. So can you can you translate? Hello, I am a man with katana. He's definitely a man. It's just a man, but yes, we have this very nice Japanese Edo period styled figures by definitely these they are not. I should point out. They are not colored.

TradingView Plaani valikud

They're like one solid color they're uh what's the scale on this was actually pretty Aktsiate asemel aktsiaoptsioonid for a scale super interesting. Have really interesting or you could like what about a or an ashtray with one of those dudes, but like so, then it's slightly less new looking and more like a samurai.

Yes, you could kinda like style Hama Trading System and add those dudes so it kind of fits that scene that vibe that is an idea. It's an idea. I like it. I like it, Thomas the tech. Angry German oh, okay. Let's look at him. Oh my god. We're just talking about Carl No, let's actually oh a secure. Oh my yes.

That's not what I was pitching. That's yeah. I mean there's a boss insecure that is almost kinda like an ashtray, but with a giant hat, I think he has a hat. Yeah there there isn't an alarm going off.

Can you use that use that really loud for you apologies if that's really loud. Yes, alright. Oh my God it's Thomas the tank engine's angry cousin. It is a fifty-two stuff from men. Stay framing the tender tender Now. It's tender. It's very hard to explain what this is This is a train that has been heavily armored to resist gunfire and well. Striking okay. Yes, we wanna have a look at yes, we can we'll have a little brows trains are very nice kits.

I remember there was a guy making a gun themed train Hama Trading System one point. Yeah, I was gonna say it'd be really cool like armor it up a little bit more sort of dumb to me.

Maybe you can give it wings. Can we give can we give treats no we can't only one man can only one man can do that to me.

I'm a man. No, I mean, what's Hama Trading System name Doc remember back to the future. That flying train, you have no man. I can't get this box. Oh you cut all the sides. I mean, I'm pretty sure I only have the two I didn't even cut the sides. What the heck I just imagine myself doing that. Oh a show train would be cool This actually looks a lot like astro astro astro alright, that makes more sense tomorrow from four rivets, an insane amount of rivets was Hama Trading System at least tracks were no these are actually cables cables They're actually.

Yes, they're wires cuz it has on the front wall on the side of the train these types of wires on train um I don't I don't know why did the Italian handy was like I was like uh like a train. I don't know what I'm doing Heck and heck estrogen. I'm an old space trivia. I noticed one of the protesters that tries to go over the US. We're gonna talk about politics and the chats, but it's so important about politics. We're not on politics politics. No politics in this chat, I'm unless we're talking about what's better as a uh that's all it takes.

That's the only politics we allow here. But of course it's the train tracks. It's a train train track Yes, and it's even got like super cool wood detail that you can probably not really see on camera. Oh hold on. That's my firm now I know that's how we need that well. Live stream is a lot more complicated than just streaming from my phone and yeah, I know what you're saying.

And you'll know how to put things back together. Yes, what was the jelly express nineteen that that was yeah? What do you look at that? Oh my god you are on fire or you're fired. I don't know I want the two not yet let us look at another.

This is a cool car looking Kuidas muume voimalusi Najaris.

Hinnavaatlus - Arvutikomponendid / Toiteallikad

It's basically a it's made by Hama. It is a but it goes by the military labeling the m enhance carrier enhanced a enhance armor now let's go to roll out. We all how exciting some of these some of these tapes are really like they're really what the heck is that we'll get we'll get to that in a second you've you've shown me something interesting and now I'm mister Bean says.

At all the kids look at all. Look at all the prints. I'm looking this is actually quite small, but it is a very nice kit. It's it's it's definitely something you'd wanna give a challenge. It's not like again got some small kind of mechanical detail.

I'm really loving the fact that it's got some coils big fan of the coil overs. We got a little dude. That's a dude I see arms and legs Jay We've got a man I found a. There is a man he's got little legs. It doesn't mean and a little arms. It does come with figures which and the doors and boot hood all open up. What's I don't see a nigga. It's what's unfortunately. I know how it said is that not how it spells. What no. Oh God that's Arnie.

You're not you're not friends with him, so you can't call him. He's a sheer force. He's not a ten force. He's a sheer sheer. He's a Sherman. What is this is a Hama Trading System This is a self propelled gun. It's one of those like yeah. No no have a cup of coffee. It moves why not, but it's on the ground there well, yeah, but all things are on the ground.

It's oh actually this is actually a very interesting kit because I believe it was designed by it and then sold to so they can make it as a kid. That's really interesting. Is you wanna have a look at this one? There's always been the idea of people copying and stopping molds.

Well, I mean if you're gonna make a cool design, you don't do it yourself why would you not sell the design someone else feel like that's just good business.

You know you know what I'm saying. Actually, no, it's designed not to move when it fires. That's what this uh this is for so if you look Hama Trading System the side position like that when it fires puts that down from moving backwards a whole lot like my young, we'll do a nice pose at the end. No, it doesn't.

I take it all back anyway. Is it a woman probably not sure not no that's not allowed, but this is this is like the s. Yeah, women didn't exist back then they would just wouldn't. And they weren't even there.

It's not happening.

Võrgukaardid - ee

The stalks brought the baby was supposed to be AW curse not having a German auto correct a German auto correct good evening. So we got more pots in here. That's Corvo Trading System cool, actually kind of dig the color scheme.

I know and like you paint it anyway, but I kinda did this like cuz that's the thing a lot of military models that either come in green Brown. Yeah, I'm kinda liking this. Oh, so these kits are wonderful the hand paint cuz you want you want it.

You want it to be rough? Yeah, no cuz that's Hama Trading System they did. Yeah they these things were hand painted They weren't sprayed what is toy. It's a scrub. I don't know what any of that means It's a giant rope. We're gonna be. It's a miss you guys. Military and anything to do with the army is so far out of my knowledge that I have I've literally a Hama Trading System in this universe literally a small walking child brush marks chair you want them brush.

Oh yes, you do just get yourself a soap brush and there it is a missile that is that is huge look at that. That's the size of like a miss olive and one of those drawings these days. On it sure, which one this is. It's still on the detail on like um someone like the rive kind of pots and stuff, but again not a lot of that is internal.

This is the external, but yeah, so it does have quite a bit of lining lines. Oh yeah, they're they're plenty of. Yeah and it's got the wood check.

I think no it's not wood texture. Oh no. It's not even any wood on this be. What are you talking about? It's a mountain? Hama Trading System if it. Of the middle, What is it the yield of the middle look a star SpaceX, I have a little bit more knowledge on in terms of like knowing things about it, but like SpaceX and the army, This is the most me up episode up episode we've ever kiss under the mistletoe uh alright.

Let me look at next. Oh, let's look at the weird Plain. Yes, the We actually have a couple of these are okay. This is a really interesting kit. I feel like I wanna build one of these just for the sake of it just being so random. When was this used when is it from? Redesign it and why like why was something like this ever an actual thing? Well, that's the thing you don't back before playing like when we had bi planes well, that's the thing there.

There are people that go around just with giant giant fans on the with uh parachutes. So this is an early that far of a gap, a guy wanted to make something that he could travel around with, but he just wanted to make a different definitely got some really fine intricate detail. That is some very nice uh engine detail as well. It's fairly nice. Okay, so we've never had. Mini art kit This one is called a yes, I can say that one Elena I think that's just her version.

Well, it's you know what good on you Eleanor doing things for the plain world. Speaking of flying things we've got ourselves a dolphin. It's like an endorphin but just dolphin. Anyway, moving on so we're gonna open up dolphin, I need more dolphins in my life. Yes endorphins modern. Why is being pain in both in? Why, why we going into Russian accent?

Nikkei variant

I don't know. But now. You, if we can. If only you had a Russian. You look I go, I want to know alright even at me with this. You did very, you did very well on short notice. This is like the tiny is rivering details I have ever seen. That's yes, it is, it's so wow. If only we have a camera, keep it. You can't see it. Look at small they are. My thing else or dirty. I was working on close And I was look how tiny they are. I have tiny little fingers. Why are we whispering?

I'm okay. I'm tiny things. I think we should now Hama Trading System walk around the store and take a look I know I know, okay, let's look at the last kid quickly Let's stop whispering everyone's wondering what um yeah. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's it's superman. I'm kidding. It's a it's unfortunately. I have no idea what this is cuz it's not a Spitfire or a Schmidt. I mean it's a Brazil.

Is it can be super uh yes the super back in the days of but the supervision people are interested. Oh my god guys. This is a secret. Oh you'll see that is it actually gonna be a absolutely yes, we're attending Khan on the twenty-third and twenty-fourth, but tickets are already all sold out.

It is a sad time seed Flames are cool. I would love to be a.