Loe: GameStopi meeletus toob kliirimiskeskused tähelepanu keskpunkti, kui investorid kaaluvad süsteemse riski hirme See ülitähtis finantsturu torustik oli asja keskmes, ütles Peterffy. Kui meie kliendid ei suuda kaotuste eest maksta, peame ise oma raha kokku panema. CCT-l on üle krüptovaluuta kursi, usaldusväärsed ajaloolised andmed ja üksikasjad aktiivsete, tulevaste ja lõpetatud esialgsete müntide pakkumiste ICO kohta.

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What did you learn yesterday? Noh, you know when you look at uh. Around payment for overflow, shorting and conflicts of interest, which are all things that have been around for decades, are heavily regulated. And we seem to have drifted back there as opposed to getting to the root cause of the fact based analysis of what actually happened.

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You know if we move to t plus one or even t, plus zero. That will take time because you have to get every player in the industry to move along with it, but i do think with technology today is the right move.

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Sa tead, speaking of technology, fred, muidugi, the ability to uh conduct a trade now immediately on your phone, the so called gamification in a sense of trading. What are your thoughts about that?

Is it here with us to stay and what risks does it present?

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Definitely here to stay, it probably should be a review of of gamification and social media uh. Fred, i think one of the key concerns about the potential gamification and uh. You know addiction, which was another topic that lawmakers brought up yesterday.

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No friction uh with commission free options, trading uh easy? Ei, i well. Gamestop System Trade is easy to trade.

You know you had to qualify to trade options and then there was different levels of types of option trades you could do, but you had to demonstrate that you knew what you were doing and you had some education and training uh to move up that ladder.