The new generation is ready to experiment and will take their time in doing so. For them, too, there is little space for surprise or discovery — everything is spelled out. The strident working class politics that the riflemen stood for is harder to find. Almost anything can happen in a city void of fixed rules, fixed forms, or delivered atmospheres.

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Ma olen veteran forex kaupleja, kes on teinud seda, sest Toona, the internet was still getting there so I did not have the luxuries of millions of sites to learn this from as we do today.

I went to a course and learned from one of the best trading advisors. His name was Peter Davidson who also taught economics. I used the methodology that he taught me and came up with a fantastic formula and strategy that proved to be very profitable!

I got hold of a group of friends and informed them about this strategy of mine. Since they had the coding background, we teamed up and decided to take it to the next step.

We named it, the Delta Star Trading System.

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This system is outstanding. In my opinion, it should be on every traders chart.

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It really helps, when you know the right people! I was once like you searching high and low for something that worked. With lots of effort and learning, we have something that works! This is the main chart of the Delta Star trading system.

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It looks really cool and it performs even cooler. The system itself does the hard work for you. All you need to do is enter a trade when you see a star.

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A green star means buy and a red star means sell. As you can see in the picture above, it outlines exactly how it works.

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By the way, both the buy and sell signal that you see above, were profitable trades! This is just the beginning. Look above.

It is sophisticated because it gives 4 confirmations to make your trade very safe. Notice the above picture. The Delta Star trading system has another set of tools. The thick line is a confirmation and the thin line is Double RSI Trading System a confirmation.

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