Either you follow them or you don't. Does any of this sound familiar? As an example, before July I was almost strictly a small cap momentum trader daytrades and swings. Learn as much as you can about trading before committing your money or I assure you it will cost you in many ways, and more than just financially.

Let it run higher. I made my winning trade. Learn certain patterns.

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Remove all of the others. Find a few that work for you and become the best at trading ONLY those patterns and those alone. Become the guru at that one or two type of setups and develop advanced, acute realtime scans to find these specific opportunities.

What advice can you give to them? This is so important for new traders to learn. For instance, I just never make money trading news events or earnings plays. The risk of being on the wrong side of the trade is higher, thus lowering my probabilities for success. I completely removed these type of trades. I never play them. I also stopped trading illiquid low float stocks, even if they have sector news that might move them. Only play what gives YOU the best chance at success, not someone else.

What I do now is try to enhance my macro analysis skills.

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I want to better understand the nuances of algorithmic trading and currency manipulation and how that affects my trades. I also watch overseas trading a lot. It really helps understand the undercurrents in commodity trading and how that bleeds back into our markets.

You have read about them. You have been lectured to about them. You still don't use them properly.

The big crash is coming someday. We all know this. I believe the crash will start overseas and be directly influenced by the algos. So my focus now is broadening my ability to speculate and react to macro events and understanding how the algos trade. Knowing both of those will be key going forward as we continue to modernize trading on a global scale and then inevitably be prepared for the bigger crisis that are coming down the road.

Learn as much as you can about trading before committing your money or I assure you it will cost you in many ways, and more than just financially. Building confidence in yourself early is key. As important as developing analytical trading skills. We early online traders in the mid 90s were mavericks. Transitional career eh?

Best Book Day Trading Strategies

I worked hard for this. Yes there were highs and lows in my career. There were times I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. These are the key elements for a succesful trader. Technical analysis reveals how investors are voting with their money each day. Charts help to understand market psychology.

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Technical analysis works well, when there no major news. No news is good news. As Seppo Saario has said:"To be a good trader you need to understand what is behind numbers, recognize real trends and turns.

Moving averages reveal the real trend. With the help of moving averages you can measure the relative power of bulls and bears and how these powers are changing. The trend is your friend. Trade in the direction of the trend. Alexander Elder has developed himself sensitive trend-following indicators like the Force Index which helps to confirm trends, find entry and exit points. Seppo Saario will give an overview how he uses dr Alexander Elder's advices in every day trading.

On-Stage Interview with Dr. Alexander Elder. Becoming Dr. Alexander Elder How to become a living legend among the traders and investors worldwide?

How to become a successful trader, main characteristics. Lets look up the charts! Technical analysis and trading systems using current market examples.

The purpose of this article is to go into more detail. More than just to say you must use them. I will try to explain why you may not use them properly, and to give helpful suggestions of new ways to begin using them properly. Let's get a few facts out in the open first. Fact Number One: Most traders do not make it in the long term, especially those who do not get training.

Fact Number Two: Most traders who fail do so because of not following their stops. Fact Number Three: Your goal is to get to the point where you follow stops like a reflex, just like you would jump out of the way of a speeding car.

There is no in-between. Either you follow them or you don't. I am going to offer suggestions to get to this goal, but they are not substitutes for this goal.

You must accept that you have a flaw and it needs to be fixed. What is a stop loss?

Best Book Day Trading Strategies

It is a line in the sand right? A spot that is chosen to represent the maximum loss on a trade? Well, not totally. Most people don't realize that the stop loss comes from the chart.

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Depending on the play, some may have tight stops, some may be wide. You really need to know the stop first, so you can play the right number of shares so that your maximum loss on a trade is within the limits you have set out in your trading plan you do have a trading plan, right?

You can't change the stop, as that would violate the integrity of the play. You can adjust your share size to make the potential loss within your limits.

Best Book Day Trading Strategies

You can pass on the play if it does not fit into your plan. You may not realize it, but this is the first step in following your stop. Have a trade and share size you can live with. Consider trader Jane. Once upon a time she bought a stock as it broke out from an all-afternoon long base. Her stop was below the low of the base. The stock started up, and then pulled back to the base.

Then below the base. Below the stop. In disbelief, Jane just froze.

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This was a perfect setup; it just can't fail! Now the stock really plummets. She can't sell now; obviously it can't go any lower.