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The name Kesklinn Central Town of the administrative district of Tallinn is fairly laconic and fails to reflect the exciting historic areas and architectural gems the district actually includes. A peculiar fact is that the administrative area of Kesklinn also includes Aegna Island.

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The area of Kesklinn District is As at 1 Marchthere were 61, permanent residents registered in the district. The conscious development of Tallinn city centre commenced during the Russian tsarist era in the nineteenth century.

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The current central part of Tallinn started taking shape in the beginning of the twentieth century. The heart of Kesklinn is the Old Town established from the eleventh to the fifteenth century where the medieval street network, lot boundaries and many of the buildings have been preserved to date. Toompea Castle, with its colourful history.

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More than half of the medieval city wall with its numerous towers and subsequent soil fortifications are still present. The liveliest business and commercial areas of Estonia, incl.

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A large number of Estonian social and cultural institutions are also situated in the city centre, some of which include, for example, the Parliament building Toompea Castle and the government residence Stenbock House in Toompea, Estonia Theatre building completed in and restored following World War II, the National Library in Tõnismäe, Kalev Stadium and Sports Hall, also numerous museums, theatres, governmental buildings, etc.

In addition to the Old Town under heritage conservation, Kesklinn includes five areas of cultural and environmental value.

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The best-known of these is Kadriorg with its Baroque-style Kadriorg Castle and park built in the eighteenth century together with the subdistrict surrounding it, which has been influenced by Russian architecture, wealthy holidaymakers and functionalism of the last century.

In addition to Kadriorg, Süda-Tatari quarter and Kassisaba subdistrict, different examples of wooden subdistricts common in Tallinn, have been taken under protection as complete areas.

Rotermann Quarter situated between the Old Town and the harbour, characterised by large-scale stone structures influenced by Art Nouveau, and the area between Herne, Veerenni, Õilme and Magasini streets recognised for its greenery and garden city-like atmosphere have also been deemed to be areas of cultural and environmental value.

Despite being an important transport junction and a very densely populated area, Kesklinn is a district rich in landscaping.

An important aspect of the city centre is the sea, as the territory of the district IQ variant binaarne kaubanduse robot several kilometres of coastline from City Hall to Maarjamäe Memorial.

Tallinn Harbour is also situated in Kesklinn.

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Tallinn Old Town comprising Toompea situated at a hilltop and the lower town is one of the best-preserved medieval port towns in Europe with its towers and the city wall, the protective systems of which were once among the strongest of their time.

There is a wide range of sports and exercise facilities in Kesklinn. Le Coq Arena built to international standards where football training and both domestic and international football matches are held.

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In the city centre area, athletics is practiced in Kadriorg, Kalev and Snelli stadiums. A large Tennis Centre is Ego Stock Options tehingud in Kadriorg. There are several parks in Kesklinn to take a stroll in, go for a run or exercises or to play simple sports games in.

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Parks are ideal for both playing frisbee as well as practicing Tai Chi or juggling. Enthusiasts of extreme sports can take advantage of the ramps built in the Police Park and Skoone bastion, and Skoone bastion features the first parkour course in the Baltics where people can work on their balance and skills on different obstacles.

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In the winter, skaters have access to the skating rink on Harju Street in the Old Town. The city centre health trail is situated in Järve.

Thanks to its central location, Kesklinn connects several other districts: in the northwest, Kesklinn is bordered by Põhja-Tallinn, in the west by Kristiine, and in the southwest by Nõmme. In the south, the border of Kesklinn is the border between Tallinn and Rae rural municipality, while Lasnamäe is east of the district.

In the northeast, Kesklinn stretches along the seashore to Maarjamäe Memorial, on the other side of which is Pirita District.

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The northern border of Kesklinn is Ego Stock Options tehingud coastline of the Gulf of Finland.