See vorming põhineb algselt maade aruannete üldvormingul, mis kehtestati Mehhanismi hindamine Hiljemalt viis aastat pärast WTO asutamislepingu jõustumist tuleb kaubanduspoliitika läbivaatamise organil anda hinnang kaubanduspoliitika läbivaatamise mehhanismi toimimise kohta. Kaubanduspoliitika läbivaatamise organ koostab otse asjassepuutuvate liikmetega konsulteerides igaks aastaks läbivaatuste programmi. The first four trading entities so identified counting the European Communities as one shall be subject to review every two years. Järgmise 16 tegevus vaadatakse läbi iga nelja aasta järel.

Members hereby agree as follows: A. Objectives i The purpose of the Trade Policy Review Mechanism "TPRM" is to contribute to improved adherence by all Members to rules, disciplines and commitments made under the Multilateral Trade Agreements and, where applicable, the Plurilateral Trade Agreements, and hence to the smoother functioning of the multilateral trading system, by achieving greater transparency in, and understanding of, the trade policies and practices of Members.

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Accordingly, the review mechanism enables the regular collective appreciation and evaluation of the full range of individual Members' trade policies and practices and their impact on the functioning of the multilateral trading system. It is not, however, intended to serve as a basis for the enforcement of specific obligations under the Agreements or for dispute settlement procedures, or to impose new policy commitments on Members.

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However, the function of the review mechanism is to examine the impact of a Member's trade policies and practices on the multilateral trading system. Domestic transparency Members recognize the inherent value of Kaubandussusteemi komponendid transparency of government decision-making on trade policy matters for both Members' economies and the multilateral trading system, and agree to encourage and promote greater transparency within their own systems, acknowledging that the implementation of domestic transparency must be on a voluntary basis and take account of each Member's legal and political systems.

The impact of individual Members on the functioning of the Kaubandussusteemi komponendid trading system, defined in terms of their share of world trade in a recent representative period, will be the determining factor in deciding on the frequency of reviews.

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The first four trading entities so identified counting the European Communities as one shall be subject to review every two years. The next 16 shall be reviewed every four years.

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Other Members shall be reviewed every six years, except that a longer period may be fixed for least-developed country Members. It is understood that the review of entities having a common external policy covering more than one Member shall cover all components of policy affecting trade including relevant policies and practices of the individual Members.

Exceptionally, in the event of changes in a Member's trade policies or practices that may have a significant impact on its trading partners, the Member concerned may be requested by the TPRB, after consultation, to bring forward its next review.

Members hereby agree as follows: A.

The focus of these discussions shall be on the Member's trade policies and practices, which are the subject of the assessment under the review mechanism. It may also discuss and take note of updated reports from Members. The TPRB shall establish a programme of reviews for each year in consultation with the Members directly concerned.

Eesmärgid i Kaubanduspoliitika läbivaatamise mehhanismi eesmärk on kaasa aidata sellele, et kõik liikmed peaksid paremini kinni mitmepoolsete kaubanduslepingute ning kohaldatavuse korral mõnepoolsete kaubanduslepingute reeglitest, põhimõtetest ja kohustustest, ning seega edendada mitmepoolse kaubandussüsteemi häirevabamat toimimist, saavutades liikmete kaubanduspoliitika ja -tavade suurema selguse ja nendest arusaamise. Nii võimaldab läbivaatamismehhanism regulaarselt ühiselt vaagida ja hinnata liikmete kaubanduspoliitikat ja -tavasid tervikuna ning nende mõju mitmepoolse kaubandussüsteemi toimimisele. Kuid see ei ole mõeldud lepinguliste erikohustuste täitmise tagamise või vaidluste lahendamise protseduuride aluseks või liikmetele uute kaubanduspoliitiliste kohustuste määramiseks. Läbivaatamismehhanismi ülesandeks on siiski uurida liikme kaubanduspoliitika ja -tavade mõju mitmepoolsele kaubandussüsteemile.

In consultation with the Member or Members under review, the Chairman may choose discussants who, acting in their personal capacity, shall introduce the discussions in the TPRB. The Secretariat should seek clarification from the Member or Members concerned of their trade policies and practices.

Reporting In order to achieve the fullest possible degree of transparency, each Member shall report regularly to the TPRB.

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Full reports shall describe the trade policies and practices pursued by the Member or Members concerned, based on an agreed format to be decided upon by the TPRB. This format may be revised by the TPRB in the light of experience. Between reviews, Members shall provide brief reports when there are any significant changes in their trade policies; an annual update of statistical information will be provided according to the agreed format.

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Particular account shall be taken of difficulties presented to least-developed country Members in compiling their reports. The Secretariat shall make available technical assistance on request to developing country Members, and in particular to the least-developed country Members. Tehnilise kaubanduse eeskirjad ja naitajad contained in reports should to the greatest extent possible be coordinated with notifications made under provisions of the Multilateral Trade Agreements and, where applicable, the Plurilateral Trade Agreements.

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To this end, the Chairman of the TPRB shall, in consultation with the Member or Members concerned, and with the Chairman of the Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions, devise Kaubandussusteemi komponendid arrangements that harmonize the normal rhythm of the trade policy reviews with the timetable for balance-of-payments consultations but do not postpone the trade policy review by more than 12 months.

The results of the appraisal will be presented to the Ministerial Conference.

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It may subsequently undertake appraisals of the TPRM at intervals to be determined by it or as requested by the Ministerial Conference. Overview of Developments in the International Trading Environment An annual overview of developments in the international trading environment which are having an impact on the multilateral trading system shall Kaubandussusteemi komponendid be undertaken by the TPRB.

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The overview Kaubandussusteemi komponendid to be assisted by an annual report by the Director-General setting out major activities of the WTO and highlighting significant policy issues affecting the trading system.