A volcano that has been dormant since it erupted in , Mount Fuji is around km southwest of Tokyo and its snow covered summit can be seen as a small white dot. Ash blown by strong winds can be seen in Agoncillo, visible southwest of the Taal volcano. One of these campaigns is evident in the images above in early September, where the Sun is positioned to one side of the images.

ESA kosmose uudised - It is the ninth spacewalk for Expedition 61 — the most spacewalks ever performed during a single Space Station expedition — and the last in a complex series to maintain the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS And from now on the satellites will reply to these messages, assuring people in danger that help is on the way.

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Read more here ESA kosmose uudised - This almost cloud-free image was captured today 23 January at GMT local time by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 missionand shows the island, in the centre of the image, completely covered in a thick layer of ash. Ash blown by strong winds can be seen in Agoncillo, visible southwest of the Taal volcano.

Ash has also been recorded in other areas of the Batangas province, as well as Manila and Quezon.

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According to The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology bulletin published today, sulphur dioxide emissions were measured at an average of around tonnes. The Taal volcano still remains on alert level fourmeaning an explosive eruption is possible in the coming hours or days. The highest alert level is five which indicates an eruption is taking place. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councilover 50 people have been affected so far.

In response to the eruption, the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service was activated. The service uses satellite observations to help civil protection authorities and, in cases of disaster, the international humanitarian community, respond to emergencies.

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Headed by Dr. Christine-Moissl Eichinger from the Medical University of Graz, Austria, the experiment studies how microbes settle into the harsh environment of space. Cosmic radiation exposes not only humans but also bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms to cellular stress.

The Station has accumulated a core group of 55 microbes over 20 years of continuous human inhabitants. Researchers tested these against microbes found in a similar environment on Earth: spacecraft cleanrooms.

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They found that space-based microbes did not have a higher resistance and were not more stressed than Earth-based ones. In short, microbes are no more extremophilic — able to survive in uninhabitable environments — in the weightless and radiative environment of space.

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The results were recently published in a paper in Nature Communications. Interestingly, researchers found that space-based microbiomes can react negatively to metal surfaces, especially when those surfaces are wet.


As they struggle to adapt to their environment, they attack the metal surfaces they find themselves on by corroding them or creating biofilm. Researchers and crew are monitoring the situation by keeping Kaubanduspoliitika voimalused arengumaadele surfaces dry and easily accessible for regular cleaning and sampling.

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After all, there is no getting rid of microbes or any need to. They are a fact of human life. The satellite is continuously monitoring the Sun — one image was selected to represent each day of the year in this montage of Suns. Throughoutthe Sun showed low levels of activity, as it is currently at the minimum of its year activity cycle. The most energetic flare of the year was observed on 6 May close to the eastern limb of the Sun the left side of the Sun in the corresponding image.

It was classified as a C9. The smallest are A, followed by B, C, M and X, with each letter representing a ten-fold Kaubanduspoliitika voimalused arengumaadele in energy output such that an X-class flare is times stronger than a C-class flare.

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Proba-2 also performed various scientific campaigns in One of these campaigns is evident in the images above in early September, where the Sun is positioned to one side of the images. To make these observations the whole satellite was reoriented to observe more of the solar atmosphere.

With its suite of 10 state-of-the-art instruments, Solar Orbiter will perform unprecedented close-up observations of the Sun and from high-latitudes, providing the first images of the uncharted polar regions of the Sun, and investigating the Sun-Earth connection. The mission will provide unprecedented insight into how our parent star works in terms of the year solar cycle, and how we can better predict periods of stormy space weather.

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While the archipelago is made up of over islands, this image focuses on Japan's four main islands. Running from north to south, Hokkaido is visible in the top right corner, Honshu is the long island stretching in a northeast—southwest arc, Shikoku can be seen just beneath the lower part of Honshu, and Kyushu is at the bottom. The large grey area in the east of the island, near the coast, is Tokyo, while the smaller areas depicted in grey are the areas around Nagoya and Osaka.

A volcano that has been dormant since it erupted inMount Fuji is around km southwest of Tokyo and its snow Kaubanduspoliitika voimalused arengumaadele summit can be seen as a small white Kaubanduspoliitika voimalused arengumaadele. The Sea of Japan, also referred to as the East Sea, visible to the west of the archipelago separates the country from the east coast of Asia.

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The turquoise waters surrounding the island of Hokkaido can be seen at the top of the image, while the waters in the right of the image have a silvery hue because of sunglint — an optical effect caused by the mirror-like reflection of sunlight from the water surface back to the satellite sensor.

It can be used, for example, to monitor ocean biology and water quality. This image, which was captured on 24 Mayis also featured on the Earth from Space video programme. See also Japanese archipelago to download the image.

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