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Tuura, L. The service is offered to cooling of large buildings, e. District cooling power is generated centrally at the power plant and the cooling power is transferred to the customer via separated distribution network.

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There are three main alternatives for production of district cooling power, mainly compressors, absorption devices and heat pumps.

The Happy Hunteri kaubandussusteem energies required by them include electric power, district heat, steam, burning matter or some waste heat.

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The conditions for profitable district cooling are that the buildings to be cooled are built on a compact area at a reasonable distance from the district cool generation plant, that there enough need for district cool at the area, and that the district cool production plant is located at the seaside.

Technically and economically reasonable construction of district cooling network requires that both the transmissions and distribution networks are as short as possible because the pipe dimensions are large, and because the streets are full of other infrastructure. Location near a sea ease the cooling of the district cool generation process, and especially, it is possible to use the coldness of the seawater directly via heat exchangers.

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The objective of district cool generation is to intensify the combined heat and power generation during warm seasons by reducing the electric power consumption and by increasing the utilization of surplus heat. It is also possible to reduce the use of harmful refrigerants.

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The district cooling activities of Helsinki Energia started in in Pitaejaenmaeki. Ruoholahti district cool system is the first larger area district cool project in Finland. Happy Hunteri kaubandussusteem district cooling plant is constructed at the area of the Salmisaari power plant, hence the plant can utilize the present space and equipment of the power plant in generation of district cool.

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Energy needed for operation of the absorption devices, i. When seawater is sufficiently cold, the coldness of it can be transferred directly into the coolant of the network via heat exchangers.

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In the first stage the power of the district cool system is about 10 MW. Absorption cooling devices, two 3. Building for the district cool plant is constructed.

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Assembly of the devices is almost done as also most of the pipelines, the seawater pumping station is ready, and the accumulator under construction.

Movable kW compressor plant was taken into operation in November The water circulation of the plant is closed so cold water is not used for any other purpose.

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